Best Content Marketing Resources

To Skyrocket your ROI

Introduction to Content Marketing

1. Illustrated Guide to Learning Content Marketing – BuiltVisible

Who’s winning in the Content Marketing race? A general yardstick for judging success is when the content is of value to your prospects and prompts them to interact in some way with your brand. Read this content marketing resources about the content marketing lifecycle and take a look at some award-winning campaigns. Be creative and nothing will stop you from maximising your meaningful ROI!

2. Your Content Marketing Guide, Philosopher, and Friend! – Kissmetrics

What are giants like CopyBlogger, Toyota, and River Pools and Spas doing in their super successful content marketing campaigns? Know about them and more in this content marketing guide. Aggressive methods of traditional advertising are no longer the answer to get a brand noticed. Content marketing tailors precisely around what your customer wants and here’s how you can get the best out of your efforts. Learn how to create valuable content for your customers through blogs, Infographics, podcasts, pdf downloads, YouTube videos and more.

3. Back to School! Content Marketing Basics – Webinar from Marketo

How effective is your content? Is it engaging enough for your audience? Does it fill stakeholder needs? All these and more answered in this beginners guide to learn content marketing. In this interactive webinar, Marketo’s Content Marketing Manager, Ellen Gomes takes you through the strategies on how to craft and distribute content and how to identify the metrics that denote success.

4. Your One-Stop Content Marketing Guide! – Shopify

Stop here for one of the best content marketing resources to learn for beginners!. In this video series, “Smart Marketer” Ezra Firestone takes you through easy to understand tutorials on creating your content marketing plan, how SEO impacts content marketing and ideas for creating optimised content and promoting it. Let us tell you that Ezra runs many six and seven figure businesses which sums up how effective his content marketing methods are.

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Content Marketing Goals

1. 5 Ultimate Content Marketing Goals for Marketers – Search Engine Journal

A survey by Oracle and Aberdeen Group indicates that brand awareness is the top priority for 74% of CMOs. Successful content marketing is backed by well thought out content strategy and clearly-framed content marketing goals. Read on to know the five generic goals a content marketer should have for content creation. The author Aaron Agius is a professional content marketer and Managing Director of Louder Online. He has worked with many big brands for creating and boosting their online presence.

2. Your Content Marketing Guide, Philosopher, and Friend! – Kissmetrics

What are giants like CopyBlogger, Toyota, and River Pools and Spas doing in their super successful content marketing campaigns? Know about them and more in this content marketing resources guide. Aggressive methods of traditional advertising are no longer the answer to get a brand noticed. Content marketing tailors precisely around what your customer wants and here’s how you can get the best out of your efforts. Learn how to create valuable content for your customers through blogs, Infographics, podcasts, pdf downloads, YouTube videos and more.

3. 10 Content Marketing Goals for Your Content Marketing Plan – CopyBlogger

Nothing better than CopyBlogger demonstrating how words work in bringing your products and services live to the audience! Driving customers to a business requires strategically-designed content marketing goals that can be applied to your content marketing campaign. Author Sonia Simone, the co-founder and Chief Content Officer of Rainmaker Digital illustrates 10 goals that should lay the foundation of your inbound marketing strategy and give a boost to conversions.

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How to strategize for each Content Marketing goal?

Brand Awareness

1. Improving Brand Awareness through Content Marketing – Fractl

Six months of work resulted in an increase in organic traffic by 1100%. Unbelievable? Fractl did it for a client and they explain how you can build your brand awareness through content marketing. Content marketing has emerged as a better method of reaching the masses and improving the chances of making your brand visible to the target audience. Read to know what Catherine Russo has to say on how content marketing can help in increasing brand awareness.

2. Brand Awareness – Increasing Website Traffic by 95% a Reality – WebPageFX

95% traffic increase and 37% conversion increase possible with Content marketing strategies! Creating brand awareness is important and can be successfully achieved by using content marketing tools. Go through this content marketing resource to understand how you can build value for your brand and raise brand awareness by having a content marketing strategy in place.

Drive Traffic

1. Workable Content Marketing Tips to Drive Website Traffic – SiegeMedia

Action-oriented content drives organic traffic to a website! The page explains 15 content marketing tips to bring targeted traffic to your website and the focus lies primarily on organic methods. Authored by Ross Hudgens, the founder and CEO of Siege Media, the methods described rely heavily on capitalising the best of social media.  

2. Smart Content Marketing Strategies to Boost Website Traffic – RedBooth

Surveying your audience to understand what content they want give them just that and results are bound to follow. Content is king and certainly content marketing the best way to drive target traffic to a website. Writing attractive headlines and SEO focused blog posts and sharing content on social media are some of the key pointers you must know. For the rest, you need to read this blog from a famous blogger and figure out.

3. Drive Traffic to Your Website with Content Marketing Best Practices – Neil Patel

Did you know that 75% of B2B buyers depend on content solely as their research medium for making buying decisions? Growing website traffic is no rocket science but you need to be a smart content marketer, doing the right things at the right time. Keep your content customer-centric, giving the audience what they need. Use your judgment to know what content works for your business for your content marketing strategy to evolve. Top marketer and author, Neil Patel, takes you through some content marketing tactics that aim at driving more traffic to your business’ online presence.

Generate Sales Leads

1. Lead Generation Methods through Content Marketing Explained – Neil Patel

Did you know that a business can generate 67% more leads through blogging than a company that does not? It is a powerful tool in the hands of B2C and B2B marketers for successful lead generation. Neil Patel, one of the top 10 marketers as per Forbes, has chalked out 7 steps for generating inbound leads with the right use of content. Keyword-rich content in the form of case studies, email marketing, white papers and ebooks, are great content marketing tools for building interest of your potential consumers in your products or services.

2. What Experts Say about Lead Generation through Content Marketing? – DigitalCurrent

No, you don’t need to spend more to generate leads. The mantra is to use videos, share content on social media, create lead magnets, and target precisely. CEOs and successful content marketers reveal how meaningful and innovative content can be best employed on social media and other channels to maximise leads after studying consumer interests and habits.

3. Great Landing Page and Optimised Content for Lead Generation! – Lean Labs

63% of your prospects are likely to purchase your product if they accompany reviews. In the current age, having a good content marketing strategy works best in generating leads. Ryan Scott has chalked out a step-by-step guide with actionable lead generation tips comprising market research, mapping the customer journey, deciding what content is appropriate to create, creating a great landing page, promoting the content and more.


1. Examples for Conversion-Focused Content Marketing Strategy – ContentMarketingInstitute

Conversion-oriented writing is the key to a successful content marketing campaign. Keep the first paragraph powerful, replace visuals with words where possible, use power words and questions to interact with your reader. All these and much more in this this content marketing guide from expert, Khalid Saleh. For quick yet deeper understanding, he gives examples of companies following good content marketing practices.

2. Content Marketing Formula for Lead Conversion – SEM Rush

Here’s a quick trivia – 90% businesses use content for generating leads. Another amazing statistic – Content marketing tools are great for three times as many leads at 62% lesser cost. These and more as Sudeep Banerjee throws light on how to get the best out of video content, how to maintain a customer-centric approach for each content asset, and other great practices.


1. Content Marketing and Customer Retention Explained – Liz Bedor

Creating engaging content can double your renewal rate and increase your revenue by about a quarter too! Content marketing has emerged as a cost-effective method of customer retention. Read on for the expert’s step-by-step take on how content marketing can help you shape your customer interaction journey through customer development, customer acquisition, customer onboarding, initial engagement with functional support, and outgoing engagement with retention.

2. Content Marketing Guide for Customer Retention – BuiltVisible

Content Marketing Trivia! Did you know that a mere 5% increase in customer retention can boost profitability by 25% to 95%? In a marketing campaign, customer engagement does not end with sale. Retaining your customers comes at the end of the sales funnel but is extremely important for repeat business and references. Steven Peters points out how content marketing tools help in increasing customer retention by publishing quality content regularly, smoothing customer onboarding process, engaging with audience, and giving customers positive experiences.

3. Infographic – How Content Marketing Boosts Customer Retention – NuGrowth

There’s 60 to 70% chance of selling to old customers as compared just 5% to 20% with new customers. Learn how to connect with your buyers through surveys, webinars, blogs tutorials, FAQs and more because if you can manage to retain even 5% more customers with your content marketing campaigns, your profits can double. Check this interesting infographic from NuGrowth and learn the art of customer retention.  

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What is Content Marketing?

1. Step-by-Step Guide to Content Marketing – Neil Patel

Read some interesting content marketing examples of how knowingly or unknowingly companies had been engaging in content marketing even before the advent of Internet. Neil Patel takes you on a trip down the memory lane into the history of content marketing and you will be surprised how the common examples sound familiar but never gave them a thought from the content marketing perspective!

2. Content Marketing Fundamentals Explained – IMPACT

“Businesses that blog get 55% more website visitors”, says the author and CEO of IMPACT, Bob Ruffolo. Educational, entertaining and insightful material are all great components of a content marketing strategy. Learn the content marketing basics and the various content marketing assets you can employ to maximize your ROI with minimum spend.

3. Infographic – Content Marketing Illustrated – Demand Metric

This content marketing guide gives an interesting trivia – “Did you know that 90% of all organizations use content in their marketing efforts?” It is no wonder that about 91% B2B marketers employ content marketing methods to boost their business revenue. This infographic from the advisory firm provides interesting statistics to show how content marketing has become a much-favoured inbound marketing practice today.

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Differences between B2B and B2C Content Marketing

1. Business to Business Marketing v/s Business to Consumer Marketing – HubSpot

B2B marketing is different from B2C marketing. Cut off industry specific jargon from B2C marketing though it works in B2B marketing – Keep the tone simple – Shorten the length and detail of content in B2C marketing – and more. The idea is to understand your audience and build your content marketing strategy around content marketing resources.

2. B2B and B2C Content Marketing Differences and Statistics – Heidi Cohen

Rightly pointed out by Heather Meza of Cisco, “Content Marketing isn’t B2C or B2B, it’s P2P.” The success of content marketing efforts amplifies when it is focused as People-to-People. Heidi Cohen presents readable and easy to understand ideas on what separates B2B and B2C marketers. Read about the challenges both face and how they must use their content marketing budget for optimum results.

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Content Marketing for B2B Brands

1. B2B Content Marketing Survey-Trends and Statistics – ContentMarketingInstitute

According to a survey by the Content Marketing Institute in the US, 89% B2B marketers today use content marketing. Businesses spend 29% of their total marketing budget on content marketing. 78% respondents mentioned website traffic as the essential metric an organization uses to determine how effective their content marketing efforts are in terms of results generated. Know about these and many more stats in this eBook to understand B2B Content Marketing trends.

2. B2B Content Marketing Guide – WordStream

Know what experts have to say about the right way of doing B2B and B2C content marketing. HubSpot, General Electric, American Express and Buffer are excellent examples of how to do Content Marketing right. Learn about the challenges they faced and how they managed to conquer them.

3. B2B Content Marketing Trends – Infographic – HubSpot

B2B companies that blogged 11 or more times in a month experienced almost 3 times more traffic than companies who blogged just once a month. 62% B2B content marketers stated that their business’ content marketing efforts have become more successful compared to the previous year. The infographic highlights the results of a prominent B2B content marketing survey, throwing light on the bright future of Content Marketing.

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Content Marketing for B2C Brands

1. B2C Content Marketing Trends in the US – ContentMarketingInstitute

86% of B2C marketers use content marketing to give more visibility to their business. 40% B2C marketers have a documented content marketing strategy and 28% say their strategies are very effective while 53% stated that the strategies are moderately effective. Stay in tune with these and more trends in this comprehensive survey e-Book.

2. Give B2C Content Marketing Some Time – Research – ContentMarketingInstitute

63% B2C marketers mentioned that the content marketing approach is more successful today than a year ago. 71% B2C respondents agree that their business intends to focus more on building long-term relationships than quick results. Read for these and more statistics and also get a projected view of B2C content marketing trends in the coming year.

3. B2C Content Marketing Guide for Beginners – SEOPressor

In a comprehensive survey of B2C marketers, only 3% respondents mentioned that they didn’t experience success at all, probably because they have not been doing things right. The rest said their efforts have been very or moderately successful. Learn about the B2C content marketing strategies and best practices to gain leverage for your business.

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How to create a Buyer Persona?

1. Free Buyer Persona Template – How to Create Buyer Persona – HubSpot

Download their free buyer persona template to learn how to make buyer personas for your business. Read to know why buyer personas are important for your business. Know the questions you must ask in buyer persona interviews and essential tips on using buyer personas to tailor your content.

2. Buyer Persona Template Download – HubSpot

Download buyer persona template to boost your content marketing efforts and organize audience segments much better. This customizable buyer persona template helps you match your content marketing efforts with buyer preferences.

3. Guide to Buyer Persona Development and Use – Single Grain

The super-successful Spotify developed a buyer persona to identify their target audience and create a path-breaking content marketing campaign. Standard Life revamped their website content aligning it to their buyer personas and broke all records and targets! Know how they did it and how you can get started too.

4. Templates and Examples of Creating Concrete Buyer Persona – Optinmaster

Read for a step-by-step approach to creating a buyer persona. Find inputs on some of the best buyer persona tools and templates to simplify your job of buyer persona creation. Check the list of questions for ideas on how you can create your buyer persona. Go through some examples of buyer personas to know how others have been doing it.

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How to create a Content Marketing Strategy for B2B Business?  

1. Developing B2B Content Marketing Strategy – Kissmetrics

About 94% B2B marketers today are doing content marketing but how many are doing it strategically? What content marketing strategy are we talking about here and how to know if you are on the right track? All these and more explained in this blog by Neil Patel, one of the top 10 marketers in the world recognised by Forbes.

2. 5 Shortcuts that Boost Your B2B Content Marketing Strategy – Marketing Land

Normally, it takes time to build and apply a content marketing strategy. Want to know the growth hacks of reaching your target audience and converting leads faster? Visionary B2B digital marketer, Alexander Kesler takes you through some proven shortcuts that can give you the competitive advantage you have been waiting for.

3. Why’s and How’s of B2B Content Marketing Strategy – Neil Patel

According to research, all content marketing resources can generate most organic search traffic when done with strategy. 92% B2B marketers think of content as an indispensible business asset but only 30% think their content marketing is effective. Why the gap? This is probably because the rest do not have a documented content marketing strategy in place. Famous marketer, Neil Patel, explains how you can develop a content marketing strategy for your brand.

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How to create a Content Marketing Strategy for B2C Business?  

1. Tip for a Successful Content Marketing Strategy – Socialnomics

As per a survey, 49% of businesses have a dedicated team handling B2C marketing. Digital Marketing Analyst and SEO Consultant Ariana Smith takes you through the points you must ponder while framing your B2C content marketing strategy. The focus is on the written word reaching your target audience through various marketing mediums.

2. Best B2C Content Marketing Guide for E-commerce Platforms

Have a content marketing strategy in place for your online business but is it not giving you the results you want? Time to reconsider your strategy or press the ‘reset’ button! Content Marketer Olga Rabo tells you what you need to do after you have decided to your content marketing strategy a makeover through a series of steps and examples.

3. B2C Content Marketing – Strategy alone or a Strategy that Converts? – PowerPost

86% of B2C marketers may be using a content marketing plan for their business but ironically just a handful of them are doing things right. If you are a content marketer or are aspiring to be one, get back to the basics and ask yourself these essential questions.

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How to create a Content Marketing Calendar?

1. Quick and Easy Content Calendar Templates that Work! – CoSchedule

Planning is the key to executing a content marketing strategy. Create a schedule of your activities and work accordingly. Download the content calendar after deciding whether you want a printable calendar template, a spreadsheet or an app. There’s a lot you can do with the calendar. Read this blog for complete information.

2. Guide to Developing your Content Marketing Strategy – HubSpot

The competition is on the rise with 70% of B2B marketers saying that they are creating more content this year than they did in 2016. Here’s a quick content marketing handbook to drafting your content marketing plan and using it to gain competitive advantage. Happy reading, imbibing and creating!

3. Download Editorial Calendar Templates FREE – HubSpot

Directing your focus to the content quality is easy with the editorial calendar template. It brings better organisation in the blogging tasks by brainstorming topics, directing your posts to the target audience, and optimising them with the right keywords. Choose your preferred format and download this handy tool.

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How to Create Original Content?

1. Analyze the Current Content Landscape and Get Inspired – Kworq

Businesses always wonder how they can differentiate themselves from others and make a mark in the industry. Deciding the type of content and distributing it through the correct channels is of utmost importance. Read the article to know about the significance of research as well as trial and error while communicating your brand story.

2. Creating Original Content Is the Biggest Factor for Blogging Success – Vandelay Design

The biggest challenge faced by brands is creating new and inimitable content each time. Although there are very few topics that have not been written about, it is rudiment for brands to publish their unique stories for growth purposes. Read the article to understand 13 ways of creating unique content.

3. Boost Your Content Marketing Based on One Core Idea – Salma Jafari’s E-Book

Content Creation is definitely the most important part of marketing your brand. It helps businesses establish credibility through value exchange. But how much new value can be exchanged every month? Learn the concept of Upcycling through this E-book and strategize your monthly content in a smarter way.

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How to get Content Ideas?

1. Finding the Strategy to Creating Killer Content – Entrepreneur

All brands aim to effectively market themselves through their content. Innovating viral and shareable content on daily basis can prove to be exhausting. Also, one needs to constantly research about the most valuable search metrics in order to strategize their marketing. Check out this list to learn the best formula for finding and generating killer content.

2. What to Keep in Mind While Generating Epic Content Ideas – HubSpot

Endless brainstorming sessions are pointless unless you set your marketing agendas and achieve them. We can no longer rely on our creative muses for generating inspiring ideas. Thank god for Blogs! Read this article to understand how to effectively generate content ideas individually and within a team.

3. Pre-qualified Content Ideas for Generating Visitors – ShivarWeb

Businesses invest a major chunk of their time and money into generating content for their audiences. But if the content is unable to generate leads or traffic, it is useless. Read this article and learn how to use free tools that help you find pre-qualified ideas for SEO and optimize your content.

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Best SEO Practices to Follow

1. Experts Share Their Best SEO Practices – SEMrush

SEO is a never-ending task. It goes beyond backlinking and creating unique content. Optimizing your content for search engine requires constant up-skilling in terms of knowledge and skills.  Here is your guide to learning the best hacks and real-time practices for SEO by top industry experts.

2. Increase Your Website Traffic Faster with These Techniques – MyTasker

Digitalization of your branded content can definitely give you visibility but it does not guarantee ranking. Utilizing the proper SEO techniques for your business can boost your traffic and ranking to a large extent. Check out this infographic for learning 11 SEO techniques and strategies that will work in 2018.

3. Improve your Search Rankings by Investing in SEO Knowledge – AudienceBloom

Every business wishes to be ranked on the first page of Google Search. The way to the top is quite tough. With Google’s ambiguous algorithm, SEO may seem confusing. But it’s not impossible to rank first. Here is an exhaustive list of 101 ways to improve your Website’s SEO.

4. SEO Techniques for a Successful Ranking –Single Grain

SEO is an ever-changing dynamic and you need to be on top of your game. Experts from Skedulo and YLighting share their thoughts on the top SEO techniques. Refer to this exhaustive list to skyrocket your rankings and boosting your monthly visitors.

5. Always Remain Optimized with These Time-Tested SEO Practices – NewsCred

Incorporating SEO into your content marketing strategy is the need of the hour. Content with relevant images and links to credible sites can get you more traffic. This article offers tried and tested practices for sites ranking higher by interlinking SEO and content creation into one blog.

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How to Create a Content Distribution Strategy

1. Content Distribution & Marketing Strategies for 2017 – MailMunch

This article highlights the various platforms for content distribution, like social media marketing, email marketing, influencer marketing, paid distribution, etc. Influencer marketing takes the cake with 26% of the content distribution market share. It talks about the time required for content distribution over creation, and the importance of earned media over paid channels.

2. Content Distribution as a Part of Content Marketing – Instapage

This chapter is a part of a comprehensive guide titled ‘What is content marketing’? It talks about the various content distribution channels in detail – owned, earned, and paid. Not so surprisingly, Facebook ads generated the highest ROI of 96% in 2016! The blog also touches upon defining your content marketing goals and selecting the right channels.

3. Content Distribution for Beginners – Simplilearn

This guide simplifies content distribution for those who are relatively new to it. Understand the relationship between content marketing and content distribution, get an in-depth look at the various channels, the importance of budget allocation and everything else there is to know. Interestingly, digital marketing allocates a whopping 50% budget to content marketing as opposed to a meager 20% in traditional marketing.

4. Materializing the Purpose of Powerful Content – NewsCred Insights

This blog starts off with a few simple questions about your content marketing goals and audience. It then moves on to the various content distribution channels. It offers unique tips that go beyond the usual methods to effectively use these channels. For instance, Instagram has a daily user base of 300 million and a total of over 500 million. That’s a lot of scope for monetization.

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Tips for Content Promotion and Distribution

1. The Experts’ Take on Content Distribution & Promotion – Curata

If you’re in a B2B business, then check out this content marketing guide that takes the wisdom of experts in the field and compiles it in one place. It talks about the various content distribution and promotion channels; every channel is explained by an expert. It includes interesting snippets like almost 50% of social content gets shared only 8 times or less! This can help you beat these numbers and give them a boost.

2. The Unique Guide to Content Amplification – Content Marketing Institute

This is a unique article about content marketing that talks about the importance of creating relevant content for better rankings. It talks about creating a content amplification strategy that complements your content marketing. Why? Because organic traffic doesn’t even account for 50% of your total traffic! Get more ROI by amplifying your content in the right direction.

3. Get the Tools & Tactics Directly on Your Screen – ClearVoice

Guess what? Content marketing rose to 300% in 2016! So the stats look quite promising for 2018. But how much of your strategy is actually profitable? This article gives you all the tips and tactics explicitly for creating a powerful content distribution & promotion strategy. You can use these tools and then inculcate the methods into them to promote your content effectively to the right audience.

4. Viewing Content as a Culture – Accenture

You are your content. If you are looking for content marketing trends for 2018, then you can get some stats regarding audiences and content reach. Did you know that 20% of created content never gets published? Know this and many more interesting facts about content marketing and engaging target audiences with this unique, highly-researched, in-depth e-Book.

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How to track Content Marketing ROI?

1. Measure Your Content Correctly and Effectively – Hubstaff

This article features a list of 10 content marketing tools for measuring the ROI of your written material. To start with, this article will explain to you which content marketing statistics you need to measure. There is often a lot of ambiguity surrounding it. Then move onto the tools that will give you a clear figure of your content’s effectiveness and reach, and will tell you how much ROI you are getting out of it.

2. How to Know Which Metrics Matter – Optinmonster

Did you know that almost 60% organizations are either unaware or unsure of how content marketing metrics are calculated, or why? This content marketing guide clears the ambiguity surrounding content marketing ROI measurement. It will walk you through the basics, moving to calculating specific metrics like SEO, sales, web traffic, lead quality, etc. It touches on both, content value and worth.

3. Measure Your Content Campaigns vis~a~vis Your Goals – Duct Tape Marketing

This guide takes you through the eventful process of content marketing. Know the journey a piece of content makes once it’s published, from consumption to conversion. All the aspects are accompanied by methods to track them, and tips on which numbers work for you! This is particularly helpful since 70%+ marketers consider ROI calculation among the top 5 content-related challenges!

4. A Goal-Specific Content Marketing ROI Calculation – Lilach Bullock

What makes this in-depth blog unique is that it doesn’t just offer content marketing ROI calculation methods. It explains what you need to calculate and how, based on your content marketing strategy goals. For example, if you want to improve your SEO and search engine rankings, include a blog on your website. Websites with blogs have 430% more indexed pages!

5. Number Crunching for Content Marketing ROI – Upfluence

Did you know that a good 56% marketers are doubtful about the effectiveness of content, and only 20% know what and how to calculate for content marketing ROI? This guide will walk you through defining goals of a content marketing strategy, and offer some concrete formula for tracking metrics. Read about the CAC-ROI relation in this informative blog.

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Content Marketing Trends to Watch for in 2018

1. How Content Marketing Numbers are Looking in 2018 – Content Marketing Institute

Those of you who were on top of their game this year are probably awaiting the content marketing stats for 2018. This blog is a valuable resource for content marketing in terms of what the scenario will look like next year. Like Apple are planning to invest over $1 billion in original content! And that’s not even the beginning. Read and find out!

2. Forecasting Content Marketing for 2018, the Neil Patel Way – Neil Patel

Neil Patel’s blog on content marketing gets into the details of various ways in which content is going to be stronger than ever in 2018, whilst also transforming in certain areas. This blog covers topics like IoT, shifting content roles, documentation, visual content, transparency (82% North American consumers put their trust in fellow consumer recommendations!) etc.

3. Explicit Stats Supporting Strong Content Marketing Growth – Techmagnate

If this infographic is anything to go by, then 2018 is showing very promising trends and predictions for content marketing. It is estimated to grow by $160+ billion. Live streaming and videos predict huge growth, more than traditional methods like emails and storytelling. A mega boost is predicted for AI and AR too. So brace yourselves, content marketers! And check this infographic out!

4. Better Adapt to These Changing Content Marketing Trends! – Digital Marketing Institute

This blog says that content marketing roles and duties will remain undefined in 2018 too! But fret not, because it does make some sunny predictions for content marketing, like an increase in budgets, pre-recorded videos being so yesterday (80% viewers prefer live videos now), and so on. Get into the deets of 2018 content marketing trends by giving it a read.

5. Leveraging the Power of Content Marketing, the B2B Way! – Mostly Serious

This B2B guide to content marketing states that over 95% of marketers will be harnessing its power by the end of 2017. It highlights 10 ways in which B2B companies should prepare their content marketing strategies in 2018. This step-by-step guide goes from content calendars to the power of AI, and everything in between. It also talks about adapting unique B2C content marketing strategies for B2B.

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Best Content Marketing Thought leaders and Brands to Follow

1. These Are The Guys Who Know What’s Happening! – Outbrain

Influencers are going to play an even bigger role in content marketing if the predictions for 2018 are anything to go by. And who can offer better practical and real-time insights into content marketing than these very own influencers! Interested in knowing what the experts have to say? Then check out this list of the top 50 content marketing influencers to follow now!

2. Branding it Right! The Best Content Marketing Brands of this Year – NewsCred

It’s always great to see how brands advertise in their quest for engaging audiences and delivering memorable experiences. This list is a draw up of 2017’s top brands to have pulled off some seriously amazing content marketing strategies and put themselves on the map! Check it out here, so that you know whom to watch out for next year!

3. The Content Marketing Blogs You Ought to Make Time For – Digital Vidya

What’s better than reading about content marketing on the internet? Dedicated blogs who give you the real deal about what’s going on. This is a compilation of the top 21 content marketing blogs that you should follow, whether you are a B2B, B2C, freelancer, or just an enthusiast. Stay tuned to the happenings in content marketing by reading about it in these blogs.

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